1  WEST  54TH  STREET  (Corner  of  5th  Avenue)

Pictures of the University Club are included on our website. You can also Google the University Club and observe the grandeur of the entrance hall, the cocktail rooms, the library, foyers and the famous Council Room, used as our ballroom.

The debutantes will be served dinner in a private dining room with their escorts before the dress rehearsal. (You can find more information about this on the “Debutantes” section of our website). Guest rooms are available at discounted prices for guests of the ball.



Parking is available at the AMPCO Parking Garage (17 East 54th street between Madison and Fifth Avenue. The price is $20.00 for the evening (flat rate) for a maximum of 12 hours. Overnight price is $38.00 (flat rate). For SUVs additional rates apply.

Please pick up a validation sticker for your parking voucher from the doorman of the University Club for the discounted rates to apply.

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