If you are interested in participating as a debutante or escort, please notify the Piarist Ball Junior Committee Co-Chairs Elisa Lannon and Ryan Smith at

In addition, please take a moment to complete the Debutante/Escort Interest Form form using this link:

For debutantes, a formal invitation letter will be sent to you and your parents.



The participation fee for each debutante and escort is $200. A continental buffet dinner and refreshments are included in this ticket price. 

Tickets can be purchased via the dropdown menu on the Ball website (PayPal) or by checks made out to the Piarist Alumni Association and mailed to the following address: Piarist Alumni Association P.O. Box 20457, New York, NY 10021



The guidelines for debutante dress requirements are strict and specific in order to adhere to tradition. 

Debutantes must wear a white ball gown that is floor length all the way around. Low cut backs, fronts, high-slits, shawls, wraps, and/or long trains are not acceptable. The gown should be simple with minimal adornment, i.e. pearls, ribbons, etc. The fabric and trimmings of the gown must be all white

Shoes must be all white. Be aware that you will be in these shoes for a few hours rehearsing and dancing, therefore please make sure that your shoes are comfortable. Low pumps may be most preferable. It is advised that you break-in your shoes before the night of the ball by wearing them to rehearsals as well as at home. 

White gloves are required. The length will depend on the style of the dress you wear, i.e. opera length for sleeveless dresses, elbow length gloves for short-sleeve dresses, and wrist-length gloves for long-sleeve dresses. 

Extravagant hair adornments are not permitted, i.e. tiaras, any type of flower, flowing ribbons, large combs, etc.

Debutantes often purchase their gowns from bridal salons, online stores, or department stores. If you have any questions or concerns regarding finding or choosing a gown, please reach out to Junior Committee Co-Chair Elisa Lannon at

The committee must see and approve your gown before the night of the ball. Please send photographs to Junior Committee Co-Chair Elisa Lannon at Acceptable photographs are detailed and show the entire full-length of the gown from the front and back.


White tie and tails are required. This includes a white pique shirt, white vest and white bow tie, black tailcoat and pants, black shoes, socks and white gloves. Regular tuxedos are not permitted at this ball.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding finding proper white tie attire, please reach out to Junior Committee Co-Chair Ryan Smith at



In preparation for the event, we will have two rehearsals with instructors. If you are not an accomplished ballroom dancer, have no fear; the routine is very easy to learn. Even if you never danced before, you will be able to learn very quickly. However, you should practice your dancing, as this night will be yours, and family, friends as well as available young men, will invite you to the dance floor to celebrate.

First and Second Rehearsals:

Dates TBD at the Consulate General of Hungary (223 East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022).

These rehearsals are not mandatory, however, the more participants we have ahead of time, the easier our third day-of-ball rehearsal will be. Please ensure you bring your dancing shoes with you to break them in and learn to dance in them. 

Third Mandatory Rehearsal:

On the day of the Ball, debutantes and escorts are expected to arrive by 2:00 PM in business casual attire. The University Club has a strict dress code and you will be turned away at the door if you do not comply. This is a mandatory full dress rehearsal. It will begin at 2:30 PM in the Grand Ballroom of The University Club. If you are not present, it will be assumed that you have forfeited your ticket and will not be participating in the ball. If you could not be at the first and second rehearsals, others who were there will help you catch up.



There will be two large dressing rooms available, one for debutantes and one for escorts. There will be tables, chairs, mirrors and clothing racks available to enable you to get ready. You will be able to store your personal belongings in these rooms for the duration of the evening.



Debutantes and escorts will dine on a continental buffet dinner in a private dining room separate from ball guests. This maintains the tradition that debutantes are not to be seen by guests until their formal introduction at the presentation ceremony.

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